Soup.  It’s all I care about and it’s all I do here.  Nice to meet you folks!  My name’s Stu and I call myself the “Soup Stud.”  Why?  Because soup is far and away my favorite food.

In my “expert” opinion it’s one of the most underrated meals on the planet.  Whether it’s a hearty blend that fills you up or just a liquid appetizer to get you going, I want to talk about it.

So if you’re interested in every type of soup (hot, cold, medium temp, hearty, veggie, meat, dairy, keto, anything!), all you’ll find here are the latest and greatest recipes for my favorite meal in the world.



Stu Barrish: Managing Editor

My name is Stu. Since I was just a child soup has been my favorite meal on the planet. Some don’t even consider soup to be a meal. While that’s debatable, I personally think it is. I love all kinds of soups and as such decided to create this site dedicated to soup and only soup. I love to experiment and come up with recipes of my own as well as learn from the best. Hope you enjoy!