A Deliciously Tasty 15 Bean Soup Crockpot Recipe

If you are looking to enjoy a hearty and healthy soup dish that is ideal for all diets, then it may be time to dine on the 15 bean soup crockpot recipe. Make sure you pull out the large crock pot and get it ready for this soup dish. The accumulation of these different beans and fresh veggies makes for a dish that will feed large families or provide ample leftovers.

Which Beans Are Great For Crockpots?

Not all beans are made the same, and when you want a soup to cook low and slow in the crockpot, you need to make sure you are using beans that can stand up to long cooking times of between four and six hours. Kidney beans are not ideal if they are raw and placed in the crackpot, as they cook, kidney beans, both red and white, can release a toxin that can cook into the soup and make you really sick.

If you want to enjoy kidney beans in your soup, you should either use a can of kidney beans, or some that were pre-cooked and boiled at high temperatures to kill the toxin. The crackpots do not always reach a high enough temperature when cooking to kill off the toxin from kidney beans.

Gather Your Ingredients

Grabbing 15 different kinds of beans may seem like a lot, but you can get bax mixes of the fifteen different beans that you plan to cook. These beans include the following:

  1. Northern beans
  2. Pinto beans
  3. Yelloweye beans
  4. Garbanzo beans
  5. Large Lima beans
  6. Baby lima beans
  7. Black beans
  8. Butter beans
  9. Navy beans
  10. Red Beans
  11. Cranberry Beans
  12. Split pea beans
  13. Pink beans
  14. Pigeon peas
  15. Black-eyed peas

You can purchase the bags already mixed or make your mix with different bags of beans and store them for future use. Add pieces of leftover ham, veggies, and all the fresh spices you want for a full-flavored and well-rounded meal. Below are the ingredients needed to make at least eight servings in your crockpot.

Ingredient List

  • Bean mix (4 cups)
  • Four cups of water
  • Four cups of vegetable broth
  • One pound of cooked pork of your choice
  • One large sweet onion
  • One garlic clove or one tablespoon of minced garlic
  • One lemon sliced for juice
  • Seasoned salt and pepper to taste
  • One tablespoon of paprika
  • One tablespoon of chili powder
  • Two cans of diced or stewed tomatoes

If you want to keep this dish completely vegetarian, you can omit the pound of pork. If you want to include the pork in your soup, feel free to add leftover pieces of ham in your freezer, cut up smoked sausage, or even sliced and diced pre-cooked bacon.

Canned tomatoes work great in this soup, but you can also opt for fresh tomatoes if you have some out in the garden that you need to use.

Preparing Your Soup

Grab your large crackpot once you have the ingredients and lower the temperature. A low setting allows all the flavors to marry together and keep the beans from overcooking.

1. Prepare Your Beans and Veggies

Take your bags of dried beans and put them in a colander. You want to wash them with cold water for a few minutes and then go ahead and add them to the crockpot. Go ahead and dice your onion into small chops and add it directly to the pot with your beans.

If you opted for fresh tomatoes, go ahead and dice them here and add them directly to the crockpot. If you chose canned tomatoes, open them and dump them directly into your crockpot.

2. Prepare Your Pork

Depending on your pork, make sure it is pre-cooked and ready to throw into the crock pot. You need to dice it up first so that it spreads the flavor evenly throughout the soup. Pre-cooked bacon bits can be chopped easily and tossed around the crock pot. This is also true for smoked sausage. Just make sure it is cut into small pieces.

3. Add the Remaining Ingredients

Add your remaining ingredients, which include the spices, water and broth to the crockpot. Give your soup a good mix, and close it up. You will want to cook this low and slow for six hours. Every couple of hours, stir the soup to ensure it mixes well.

4. Serve and Store

Once your soup has cooked for six hours, the beans should be tender and the flavor full from all the different ingredients. Ladle your soup into bowls and serve with a side of cornbread or garlic bread to make a fulfilling meal.

Any leftovers you have can stay in the fridge for the next three days, which makes this great for meal prep and quick dinners if you have a busy week ahead. If you do not think you will finish your leftovers before they expire, you can freeze the remaining soup in a freezer-safe container for three to six months.

Topping Off Your Soup

If you want to add some toppers to the table for this soup, having hot sauce and some cheese available will add to the flavor and accommodate all the flavor palates at your table. Those who like a spicier soup may also enjoy some sliced jalapenos in their soup. Opt for either pickled or fresh, depending on what you have available.

You can treat this bean soup similar to chili and pair it with any of the normal sides that you would have with a big bowl of chili. The broth carries a great flavor and is great for dipping bread directly into the soup while your guests are enjoying the soup.

Add This Soup To Your Rotation

If you are looking for something that can feed a large crowd and is affordable, then 15 bean soup should be next on your dinner rotation. It is great for large events and even for those who meal prep and need something that is heart-healthy for weekly lunches. A bowl of this soup will heat up in just a few minutes and make a flavorful quick lunch when you need it.

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