A Delciously Tasty Busy Day Soup Recipe

There are some days when you get home from work, and you just lack the energy to prepare a delicious meal for your family. On those occasions, you can generally create an instant winner by concocting a tasty and satisfying soup recipe that the whole family will appreciate. Especially during fall and winter, a great-tasting hot soup seems to hit the spot better than almost anything else.

Below, you’ll find a recipe for one of the most flavorful and best-tasting soups you could possibly prepare. This outstanding recipe includes everything you need to warm the hearts and bodies of your family members, since it includes generous portions of pasta, beef, vegetables, and a very savory broth. If you prepare this correctly, it should make you a rock star to your spouse and children, and you’ll really like it yourself.

Saving time on soup preparation

To save on preparation time, some of the ingredients included will come in a prepared state already, so they can just be added to your mix without any additional effort on your part. For instance, you could spend lots of time chopping up onions and adding flavorful spices, but the onion soup mix will allow you to avoid all that.

You could also spend an hour or so chopping up fresh vegetables to add to the recipe, but by just adding in a frozen package of vegetables, you’ll save a ton of time. You also won’t lose much in the way of flavor by using the frozen veggies in place of freshly chopped vegetables. This recipe was created with a view to saving time and effort on those days where you just don’t feel like investing a huge effort into meal preparation. The recipe below allows you to make a mouth-watering recipe with minimal time and effort on your part.

Ingredients for your Busy Day Soup

These are the ingredients you’ll need to make your busy day soup recipe:

  1. 1 pound of low-fat ground beef
  2. 1 package of onion soup mix
  3. 1 box of uncooked macaroni shells
  4. 1 package of frozen mixed vegetables (these do not need to be thawed before including them in your recipe)
  5. 2 medium-sized tomatoes, diced into small pieces
  6. 1 box or bag of crackers to serve with the soup (optional)

Steps for making your Busy Day Soup

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow when making this sumptuous soup for your family:

  1. Get out a large soup pot, and it’s better if you use one too large rather than too small
  2. Brown the ground beef in a skillet on your stovetop
  3. When the ground beef is cooked, drain away the excess fat so it doesn’t make its way into your soup
  4. Transfer the cooked ground beef to your large soup pot
  5. Add the tomatoes, onion soup mix, and water into your soup pot
  6. Simmer these ingredients on a low heat for roughly 60 minutes
  7. Once these ingredients have been simmering for an hour, you can add in the frozen mixed vegetables and the still uncooked macaroni noodles
  8. Cook this whole brew for another 15 minutes, on a medium heat setting
  9. If necessary, cook a little longer to be sure that the noodles and vegetables have softened and become completely tender
  10. Serve piping hot to your whole family.

Best toppings to add to your Busy Day Soup Recipe

Many people enjoy adding specific toppings to their Busy Day Soup Recipe, simply to include more flavors, or to make it a little heartier. Two of the best toppings you could add to this recipe are parsley and possibly some Italian seasoning. The parsley will add color to the soup, and the Italian seasoning will add a considerable amount of flavor to an already flavorful meal.

Some people like to add in a nice, cheesy flavor, and to satisfy these cravings, you can sprinkle some mozzarella, provolone, or sharp cheddar cheese on top of the soup. Of course, for some soup-lovers, it’s not possible to eat a bowl of soup without having on hand some oyster crackers, or some Saltines to soak up that savory broth.

There are others who simply must have some additional warmth to their soup, and to satisfy these individuals, you can supply some hot sauce. Don’t add this the general recipe unless all the recipients of your busy day soup are hot sauce lovers. It’s better to add the hot sauce on the side, and only for those individuals who really want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I substitute some other kind of meat for ground beef?

Yes, you can. The type of meat you use in this recipe will not change the basic flavor and appeal of the busy day soup recipe. You can use beef cubes, small pieces of turkey or chicken, cooked Italian sausage, or even pork. If you prefer, you can use ground turkey or chicken, rather than the small pieces. If you want to make a really hearty soup, you can also include multiple types of meat in the recipe.

Can you use fresh vegetables in place of frozen veggies?

Absolutely. You can substitute almost any fresh vegetables that you know your family members really like and will be glad to eat in your soup. However, keep in mind that if you decide to use fresh vegetables, it will add some preparation time to your soup process. If you really want to make a Busy Day Soup, you’ll certainly spend much less time simply including a package of frozen veggies, instead of cutting up and preparing fresh ones.

Is it possible to use a different kind of pasta than the macaroni called for by the recipe?

The truth is, you could use almost any kind of pasta that you know your family will like. Rather than using macaroni, you might want to try ziti, rotini, shells, or even broken-up pieces of spaghetti. This recipe can be personalized in several ways to accommodate the tastes of your family members or yourself.

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