How to Make The Giada de Laurentiis Italian Wedding Soup Recipe at Home

Italian wedding soup is a healthy and tasty soup common in Italy. It is made of meat, chicken or pork meatballs, pasta, spinach, natural herbs and seasonings. Both the preparation and cooking processes take a short time, especially if you have all ingredients at home. Read on for more details on Giada de Laurentiis Italian Wedding Soup Recipe.

What Is Italian Wedding Soup?

Italian wedding soup comprises broth, spooned meatballs, pasta, and leafy vegetables. Despite the name ‘wedding,’ Italian soup has nothing to do with the real human marriage we know of. Wedding soup originated from ‘minestra maritata,’ which means married soup. A married soup is a general term for a soup made by combining different ingredients, like Italian wedding soup.

Giada de Laurentiis Italian wedding soup is a whole meal, but you can still serve it alongside other healthy meals like a warm dinner roll.

How to Make Italian Wedding Soup

You should first prepare the meatballs and the soup later. Here are vital ingredients for the process.

For The Meatballs:

  • ½ pound beef/pork: You can choose any of them or mix them for the right meatball texture
  • Whole milk to soften and add more moisture to your meatballs
  • One clove of garlic finely chopped
  • Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Black pepper
  • One egg
  • Fresh breadcrumbs-sturdy bread will give you the best breadcrumbs
  • Parmesan cheese

For The Soup:

Five cups of chicken broth:You can buy or use homemade broth. The homemade broth will require the following ingredients:

  • Full chicken
  • 4 cups of water
  • One chopped carrot
  • One yellow onion
  • Fresh herbs- you can use thyme and parsley
  • Three garlic finely chopped garlic
  • One onion and garlic
  • Chopped celery
  • Five pieces of baby spinach
  • 1 cup of uncooked pasta
  • One tablespoon of olive oil

Preparation Guidelines

Here is a step-by-step Giada de Laurentiis Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Step 1: Prepare the Broth

Start by preparing chicken broth, a key ingredient for the Italian wedding soup recipe. Place your chicken in a clean pot and add two cups of water. Add carrots, onions, celery, thyme, and parsley. Boil in medium heat uncovered, until the foam starts to rise.

Cover the pot, reduce the heat, and let it simmer for at least one hour or until fully cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. Your broth will be ready when the soup has a tasty flavor and has been reduced by almost half.

Step 2: Sieve the Broth

Sieve your broth to remove carrots, celery, and the large chicken pieces. Instead of discarding them, keep them well for future consumption, or add them back to your Italian wedding soup to thicken it.

Step 3: Prepare Meatballs

Add your beef/pork, eggs, onion, milk, chopped garlic, and breadcrumbs in a clean bowl. Ensure your hands are clean before mixing. Shape the balls into small sizes that easily fit into a spoon when eating. Shallow fry them or bake them for 5 minutes for the ingredients to attach firmly.

Step 4: Make the Soup

Bring your broth and add it to a clean pot. Let it boil for at least five minutes. Carefully add your meatballs, followed by the finely chopped spinach. Let it simmer for two minutes, and then add your pasta/noodles. At this point, you can also add the carrots and chicken pieces you reserved. Gradually stir the soup until the veggies start softening. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Serve hot and garnish with any other product of your choice.

Recipe Notes

Here are a few things to remember when preparing Italian wedding soup.

You Can Prepare Meatballs and Broth In Advance

When preparing the Giada de Laurentiis Italian wedding soup, broth and meatballs take the most time. Therefore, you can prepare and refrigerate them ahead of preparation.

Create Small Meatballs

Small meatballs are the best because you are making them for soup. They should fit into a spoon effortlessly and in the mouth.

Combine a Maximum of Two Meats

Beef and pork may be enough when preparing Italian soup. Too many types of meat may affect the overall soup taste and the texture of your meatballs. Stick to only one or two kinds of meat for the meatballs.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Spinach and natural herbs should all be fresh because fresh ingredients make the tastiest soup. The flavor will also be great. If you must use frozen veggies and herbs, clean and cook them well for the best results.

Don’t Skip Garlic

Garlic is a common ingredient in Italian soups. You can use up to four garlic cloves to improve taste and enjoy the health benefits of garlic.

How to Store Italian Wedding Soup

Store your leftover Italian wedding soup in a clean pot for next-day consumption. Refrigerate if it will be consumed in the next four days, and freeze it for long-term consumption (up to three months). Store the soup in air-tight containers for the best preservation.

You may add more broth when you reheat it because pasta often soaks the remaining soup. Remember to heat the soup well until it boils for three minutes before you take it.

What to Serve With Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup is known for its great taste and flavor, so you can take it alone. Nevertheless, you can take it alongside other tasty dishes, including the following:

  • Green beans almondine
  • Multigrain bread
  • Cucumber salad
  • Grilled cheese sandwich
  • baked potatoes
  • Wild rice salad
  • Breadsticks

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these commonly asked questions regarding making Giada de Laurentiis Italian Wedding soup recipe at home

Is Italian Wedding Soup Healthy?

Italian soup is packed with ingredients like spinach, meat, onions, and garlic, all beneficial to the body. A 244g Italian soup serving contains 12g protein, 1.8mg iron, 93 mg calcium, 2g dietary fiber, 325 mg potassium, and other helpful components. The soup is healthy when taken in small amounts, and anyone can take it. You can minimize the oil and salt to make it tastier and more nutritious.

How Do I Reheat The Italian Wedding Soup?

Heat the soup on a low or medium heat using a stove. Stir gently when heating and add more broth/water to attain the desired consistency.

Can I Add or Remove Some Italian Wedding Ingredients?

Italian wedding soup is highly versatile, so you can change some ingredients. For instance, you may remove beef or pork and use chicken instead. You may also adjust the herbs, seasonings, and even the vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Italian wedding soup is healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare. Our Giada de Laurentiis Italian Wedding Soup Recipe will guide you in making the perfect soup for you and your loved ones.

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