A Deliciously Tasty Golden Beet Soup Recipe

The golden beet is known for boosting overall health, making it an essential part of every health enthusiast’s go-to dish. Food connoisseurs can also attest to its rich palate, with world-renowned chefs paying top prices for this root vegetable.

But apart from these, what other benefits does the golden beet soup recipe provide? Below, we detail how to prepare a one-pot yellow beet dish and some essential benefits and FAQs about this new superfood.

Try the Vegan Golden Beet Soup Rendition

Unfortunately, vegan recipes rarely get the spotlight, with this rendition likely to change your view of this often-overlooked culinary world.


  • 6 cups of medium-chopped golden beets
  • Cooking oil of choice or plant-based butter
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • 1 ½ cups medium chopped onion
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly chopped ginger
  • 4 cups medium chopped carrots
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly chopped sage
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • 4 ½ cups vegetable broth
  • Zest of half a medium-sized lemon
  • Lemon juice of half a lemon
  • Salt

How to Make a One-Pot Golden Beet Soup Recipe

  • Add two tablespoons of your oil of choice or butter of the same amount to a pot. Ensure it is large enough to hold all the ingredients, with a deep saucepan ideal for preparing your soup. Turn your heat on to medium heat as you prepare your ingredients.
  • Chop the beets, garlic, onion, ginger, carrots, and sage. Add these to the pot.
  • Mix in some pepper, salt, and lemon zest. Stir until everything is uniformly coated with the oil.
  • Leave these on medium-low heat for about 15 minutes until the onion is soft and almost translucent.
  • Add the vegetable broth at this stage and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and let the broth simmer for about 45 minutes. The beets should be soft at this point.
  • Take out your immersion blender and puree the contents of your pot until they are thick, creamy, and smooth. It should not have any chunks. If it is too thick, add some vegetable broth and puree until it reaches your desired consistency.
  • Once you are done, add the lemon juice and taste. Adjust the salt to your liking and serve.

This golden beet soup recipe works perfectly as an appetizer and is suitable for a main meal. Serve this with artisan bread and garnish with parsley or your favorite nut seeds. If you love extra spice for those chilly days, double your pepper and garlic, with some red pepper also working fine.

The above will be enough for 5 small servings.

If you still prefer the old-fashioned dairy golden beet soup, swap the plant-based butter for dairy butter. Additionally, replace the vegetable broth with chicken broth.

What Makes the Golden Beet Soup a Culinary Wonder?

A Source of Antioxidants

As previously stated, golden beets are a health fanatic’s top pick, with this vegetable used in various parts of the world as a medical aid. The vibrant yellow color is a powerhouse for phytonutrients, with these compounds being a rich source of antioxidants known to provide immunity against diseases such as the common cold.

Provides Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Golden beets are also anti-inflammatory, with numerous consumers attesting to the overall health benefits they provide. A study carried out among 24 participants found reduced inflammatory markers among the volunteers. It also reduced pain and discomfort for participants with osteoarthritis, improving the overall quality of life.

Alternative Form of Natural Medicine

If you are looking for a fix for digestive issues, golden beets will be your ideal naturopathic aid. A cup of this nutritious vegetable juice provides fiber that aids in adequate bowel movement. It also helps increase good bacteria in your gut, reducing the risk of conditions such as IBS and constipation.

Boosts Energetic Performance

Yellow beets also boost energetic performance, with the nitrates in this root vegetable taking credit for this function. Nitrates increase endurance in athletes, allowing you to last longer on the field before exhaustion sets in. Due to this, your cardiorespiratory function also improves, allowing you to get a boost of oxygen intake while performing strenuous activities.

Yellow beets are currently the go-to for purifying blood and detoxifying the liver in numerous parts of Europe, with healthy juices starring this unique root vegetable. Other ailments that the golden beet soup recipe has been found to be helpful include anemia, heart disease, and kidney disorders.

How Do You Differentiate Golden Beets From Red Beets?

One of the ways to differentiate a golden beet from a red beet is by its general appearance. Golden beets are yellow, while red beets are red. Due to this, yellow beets are less likely to stain your countertops and dishes, with the red beets leaving significant red discoloration on the surfaces they rest on when in use.

Another marker for differentiating the yellow and red beets is their distinct taste. Yellow beets have a sweeter taste profile than the red variety of beets with more earthy notes. This is why they are often used as a sugar substitute in numerous baking recipes due to their high-yielding sugar content.

Lastly, red beets are more accessible than yellow beets, making it likely that you will encounter them regularly compared to golden beets. With this in mind, ensure you purchase the right beet for various dishes, salads, and juices.

How Do You Prepare Golden Beets?

Golden beets can be prepared in various ways, with the preferred method being in soup form. Apart from this, it can also be consumed raw as a salad or slaw. Consider shredding it, cutting it into julien-sized bits, or spiralizing it for this option.

If you are a canning enthusiast, golden beet is also an excellent vegetable for pickling. Add this to your favorite canning base and store it as long as you see fit for the best results. Remember that you may have to adjust your seasoning since the golden beet tends to lean heavily on the sweeter side.

If you love a healthy vegetable snack, slice your yellow beet and bake it into chips. Serve this with a dressing of your choice, or crush the chips into your smoothie or dessert.

While consuming the yellow beet leaves may seem unconventional, they can also be cooked like leafy greens like spinach or kale. Wash the leaves and steam or add them to your cooked meals.

Lastly, yellow beets are an excellent accompaniment for cheeses such as feta. It also works well with various types of meat, helping bring out the flavor in fish and poultry. Due to its mild flavor, it also highlights the taste profiles of garnishes such as mint, dill, and citrus toppings.

Do Golden Beets Provide Any Nutritional Value?

Golden beet soup recipes not only pack a punch of flavor into dishes but are also good for nutrition. A healthy serving of yellow beets provides potassium, fiber, and folate. In addition to these, these root vegetables are also high in beta-carotene, copper, and manganese. They also have an abundance of vitamins B6, C, and A, making them a must-have for every pantry.

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