How to Make Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe at Home

Tortilla Soup

Is there a recipe for the original Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe? Copycat recipes float freely throughout the internet on many different brands and are available for those who want a recipe as authentic as possible. Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup is one of those recipes that the public tries hard to duplicate.

While it is easy to find the exact ingredients of any famous and popular recipe, it is near, if not impossible, to find the exact amounts of the ingredients used in any of these branded recipes, such as Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe. For this reason, we find many different copycat recipes on the internet. One minor slip-up of adding too much or an insufficient amount of any ingredient can throw the copycat recipe off track.

How does one find Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe as close to the original as possible?

The following information details how to conquer the many copycat recipes found on the internet for Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe. Learn where to go to find the closest match and what to look for in the best copycat soup recipe.

Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe Made in Your Kitchen is Good Year Round

I enjoy a bowl of homemade soup any time of the year. However, when the temperatures start to drop, a bowl of Jason’s Tortilla Soup Recipe is yummy after spending time in the crisp fall air. And there is nothing more that can warm you up during a winter snowstorm than a bowl of Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe, a warm blanket, and a good movie or book. But if you do not have the store brand and yearn to make your own soup, how do you find this recipe?

Good Cooks Tend to Play with Recipes Too Much Until Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe Does Not Taste Like the Real Thing

I find that when following a recipe, I may add a bit more of this to suit my taste buds. I may delete an ingredient or add a different one to my liking. This can easily prevent you from coming up with the right ingredients and taste.

When making Jason’s Tortilla Soup Recipe, it is best to stick strictly to the recipe or risk ruining the flavor. Copycat cooks have taste-tested this soup many times before they believe they nailed the original recipe and they release the recipe to the public.

In my estimation, the hard work has been done. All I have to do is follow a copycat recipe. If the copycat recipe I make does not taste like the original, I will try a different recipe the next time. This soup recipe is good, and it is best not to experiment with the perfection other cooks worked so hard to copy.

How Do I Know Which Copycat Recipes Taste Like the Original?

There is no way of telling until you make your chosen recipe except to review its star rating. If that recipe does not quite taste like the original, then next time, choose another recipe. Compare the ingredients and amounts. Try to discover what is different between the two recipes. The next recipe may be a total winner.  Ensure your chosen recipe includes all the original Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe ingredients.

Big Companies Work Hard to Copycat Original Recipes like Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe

When searching for a good copycat recipe, I will likely search through companies like the following for a copycat recipe as close to the authentic recipe as possible. Companies like Taste of Home have cooks who work diligently to find the exact copycat recipe and bring the recipe to the public.

  • Taste of Home
  • Pinterest
  • Meal Planner Pro

Some individuals have personal websites devoted to finding copycat recipes, such as this website.

These individuals who are expert cooks work as hard as any big company in identifying the specific ingredients and correct amounts needed for branded items, such as Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe.

Be Careful of Copycat Recipes for Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe

When you order a bowl of Jason’s Tortilla Soup in a restaurant or order this soup online, you will fall in love with the taste. Be sure to order a serving of this soup to take home. This may help you to make your own copycat recipe as close to the original as possible.

Many attempts are made, possibly by you and other cooks, to copycat a popular recipe, which is not unusual. While some copycat recipes taste like the original recipe, other copycat recipes seem far from what you would expect.

I wanted to make this soup recipe, so I searched for a copycat recipe that rated five stars and followed the recipe exactly. The ingredients listed in the authentic recipe were included in the copycat version.

I can see no need to go through the complex, tedious work of trying to put together something that has already been formatted and passed the test for copycat goodness. Instead, I would follow a tried and true copycat recipe instead of formulating the recipe myself.


You will not likely find the original recipe for this delicious soup or any other original recipe. I know that the original recipe is better than any copycat soup found on any website like this link.

Companies and individuals try and often succeed in copying an original recipe, making the copied recipe come so close to the original that you cannot tell the difference.

This article details what is in Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe but the website does not give the exact spices or amounts called for in the recipe. Spices are what brand a specific soup.

Ingredients for the original recipe called for the following ingredients. Since no amounts or types of spices are given, it is best to try out a copycat recipe, as seen below.

  • Chicken
  • Tortella Masa
  • Stewed
  • tomatoes
  • Sweet corn
  • Jalapenos
  • Green Chilies
  • Species

This recipe has no fats or MSG.

All I do is pick out a specific copycat recipe for a bowl of hearty Jason’s Tortilla Soup Recipe that is as close to the original recipe as possible. In my search for this delicious soup recipe, I found several recipes that were all nearly five stars.

Q. What Website Provides a Copycat Recipe for Jason’s Deli Tortilla Soup Recipe?

The following directions were found on Pinterest for Jason’s Tortilla Soup Recipe.


  • This soup calls for two chicken breasts, well-cooked and shredded.

Fruits & Veggies

  • 3 fresh cloves of garlic
  • 3 fresh jalapenos
  • 2 cups of fire-roasted corn (some cooks prefer to purchase Trader Joe’s fire-roasted corn)
  • 1 medium sweet onion
  • the juice from two limes

Canned Ingredients

  • One can of stewed tomatoes (some cooks use the original Rotel tomatoes)
  • One large carton of chicken broth (about 48 ounces)


  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 1 tsp chipotle powder
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp cumin


  • 4 Tbsp EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Mix all the above ingredients in a Dutch oven or crock pot. Cover and simmer for about two hours. Serve hot and enjoy. Your family will ask for seconds. This soup tastes even better when served the next night. My taste buds tell me that this recipe is really close to the original.

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