A Deliciously Tasty Poblano Soup Recipe

There is a soup that can brighten any dreary day and give you lots of flavors packed in one bowl. Spicy, vibrant, and flavorful, you must make this tasty poblano soup recipe soon. These large peppers are green and native to Mexico. They are now found in markets everywhere and are pretty affordable. The poblano pepper is used for various dishes, and poblano soup is one of those enjoyable dishes.

Cooking Poblano Peppers

If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, head over to the peppers in your market and look for large green poblano peppers. They are often larger than the green bell pepper, have a slender shape, and come to a point. Before you eat these peppers, you will want to remove the flesh and the seeds, which work best after they have been roasted.

They are the stars of chile relleno and chile en nogada at your favorite Mexican restaurant. The love for poblano peppers makes it an excellent option for soup when you want to get warm or need that extra burst of flavor in your life. They can be used for so many dishes, and for those who are soup junkies, they find poblano peppers to be great as a star or addition. In this case, the poblano is the star and should be treated as such.

Gathering Your Ingredients

Once you have decided to make poblano pepper soup, it is time to gather the ingredients you need. Some items are in your pantry; the list isn’t long. It will take you just as long to prep this soup as mixing and cooking it.

  • Six poblano peppers
  • One diced onion
  • Four garlic gloves or two tablespoons of minced garlic
  • Two tablespoons of all-purpose flour
  • Six cups of chicken stock
  • Three teaspoons of Mexican Oregano
  • Two tablespoons of butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Chopped cilantro
  • Crema
  • Hot sauce

You can make some substitutions in this soup, such as changing the stock to veggie if you want to make it vegetarian or vegan. If you want to keep it low-carb, you can sub out the all-purpose flour for almond flour. What you cannot replace in this soup is the unique flavor of the poblano peppers. Mix and match the seasonings to fit your taste preference, adding more or less.

If you bought too many poblano peppers, leave the extra unwashed in the fridge for up to three weeks. They will hold their texture and flavor, but they do need to be washed before they are used. You can even freeze the peppers for several months to continue enjoying them even when they aren’t in season.

Roast Your Peppers

Before building your soup, roast your poblano peppers for that full flavor. First, wash and rinse the peppers so you aren’t cooking any unwanted dirt. Turn your oven to 400 degrees and lightly spray a baking sheet.

Put the whole peppers on the baking sheet, cooking them on each side for about 15 minutes. Once they’ve roasted, take them out and set them on the top of the stove to cool while you begin prepping your soup.

Start Building Your Soup

Now that you’ve roasted and prepped your peppers, it is time to start building your soup.

1. Prepare the veggies

First, you must dice up your onions and garlic for freshness. You want to cut the garlic thin so that it can spread throughout the dish. You also want to go ahead and prepare your poblano peppers.

Pull of the flesh of the peppers and remove the stems. Dig into the peppers with a spoon and remove the seeds, as you will not need them for the soup. You can give these peppers a rough chop into small pieces so that they can cook.

2. Start Building the Soup

Putting your large soup pot on medium-high heat, add your butter, garlic, and onion to the pan and saute for the next few minutes. Once the onions get translucent, add the flour and oregano, stirring some more to mix it well.

3. Peppers and Broth

Once your mixture has almost a paste texture, toss in the roughly chopped poblanos and stir the mixture. Slowly add in the broth until you have all six cups added. Bring the soup to a rolling boil. This will take about six to eight minutes, and you want it to boil for about two to three minutes before removing it from the heat.

4. Time to Blend

Now that you have a soup boiling and all the ingredients mixed, it is time to add to your blender and start pulsing away. The point of the poblano soup is to make sure it is creamy and has that desired texture that only comes from blending these large chunks. Blend your soup covered until it is smooth, and then it is time to add it back to the pot.

5. Simmer and Serve

Once the soup is back in the pot, turn your burner down to a simmer and let the flavors marry together for about five minutes. This is a good time to add any additional salt, pepper, garlic, and oregano that the soup may need to the dish. If it is too thick and you want it a little thinner, add an extra cup of broth to break it up.

During this time, pull out your cilantro and do some fine chopping. Add it to a bowl for garnish for those guests who want to enjoy it. After five minutes, ladle your soup into dishes and serve it to your guests. You should have some toppings available so that they can make it creamier or spicier, depending on their taste. Crema, hot sauce, and cilantro are often preferred toppings for this soup.

Store Your Leftovers

If you have some leftovers of the poblano soup, put it in the fridge after cooling if you plan to enjoy it within the next few days. It can stay in the fridge safely for four days before you will need to toss it. This makes it a great meal-prepping option for that soup and salad lunch.

You can also freeze these leftovers, but the texture will not hold well past a month in the freezer. You should still plan to enjoy it soon so that the flavor isn’t lost in this soup. When it is time to reheat, it is best to reheat on the stove or in a crock pot warmer so that the heat spreads through the soup. You can microwave it, but you must heat and stir at the end of each minute for the temperature to be even.

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