A Deliciously Tasty Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup Recipe

Warm your body on cold evenings with a deliciously tasty Puerto Rican shrimp soup, a traditional dish made with shrimp and other tasty ingredients. It is a thick soup with rice, shrimp, garlic, and other flavors.

This hearty soup is a complete meal; most people take it in cold evenings and afternoons. However, you can still serve it alongside other dishes like plantains.

Puerto Rican shrimp soup is popularly known as Asopao de Camarones and is a popular dish in the Caribbean. It is a healthy meal with little fat; anyone can feed it.

You can also replace shrimp with chicken or other protein if you don’t like shrimp. Read on for a more detailed Puerto Rican shrimp soup recipe and other important tips.

How to Prepare Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup

Puerto Rican shrimp soup is an easy-to-prepare meal that you can consider during chilly days. Here are the important ingredients you will require for the preparation:

  • For shrimp broth: 3 pounds of fresh shrimp, olive oil, salt, water, six garlic cloves, cilantro, sofrito and onions.
  • ½ cup rice: Long rice is most recommended, although you can still use short rice
  • Herbs and spices: You can use chili flakes and oregano
  • One large red bell pepper
  • Tomato paste and sauce
  • Two tablespoon of fresh cilantro leaves

Preparations Instructions

Step 1: Rinse and Soak Rice

Rinse your rice in running water and soak it for 45 minutes. Rinsing helps remove excess external starch, while soaking (optional) enhances the nutritional content and facilitates absorption in the digestive system.

Step 2: Clean Your Shrimp Well

Clean it thoroughly using running water and inspect it for spoilage. You can also devein it if necessary. Discard shrimp that is discolored or has an exaggerated fishy smell because it might not be fresh and can affect the overall taste of your soup. Remove the shrimp shells.

Step 3: Create a Shrimp Broth

Take your cooking pot and add olive oil. Let it heat for a few seconds, then add bell pepper, onions, and garlic. Leave for two to three seconds, and then add half of your shrimp, sofrito, cilantro, tomato sauce, and salt to taste. Add three cups of water and allow the mixture to simmer for five minutes.

Step 4: Add Rice

Drain the water of your soaked rice and add it to your shrimp broth. Lower the heat and stir the mixture gently to prevent it from sticking to the pot.

Step 5: Add the Remaining Shrimp

Add the remaining shrimp once the rice becomes soft and tender. You can also add chopped cilantro at this point and leave the mixture to cook for five minutes.

Step 6: Taste Seasoning, And Serve Hot

Taste the flavor of your seasonings and turn off the heat if tasty and well-cooked. Allow your soap to rest for at least five minutes, and then serve when hot!

Tips and Tricks for Making the Best Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup

Here are expert tips to help you make the most delicious Puerto Rican shrimp soup:

  • Use fresh shrimp: Getting fresh shrimp might not always be possible, but fresh ingredients make the best soup. If you get frozen shrimp, thaw it well before you add it to the soup.
  • Use long grain: Most people use long-grain rice for the best results in Puerto Rican shrimp soup recipes. Short-grain rice may be too starchy and make the soup excessively sticky.
  • Simmer well: Allow your soup to simmer for an extended so that the ingredients can mix well and create the ideal flavor.
  • Soup thickness: Your Puerto Rican shrimp soup should not be too runny or excessively thick.
  • Seasonings: Add a variety of seasonings like adobo and sofrito to improve the taste of your soup. Ensure you are not allergic to any of the seasonings or flavors added.

Storage and Leftovers

A well-cooked Puerto Rican shrimp soup remains tasty even when taken as leftovers. For next-day consumption, heat it well and add a little water because it will probably have thickened. You can also store the leftover in tight containers and refrigerate them if you take them again in three to four days.

You can even freeze your leftover soup for up to three months. Ensure you store the soup in air-tight containers for the best preservation.

Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup Variations

Puerto Rican shrimp soup is quite versatile, and you can add or remove a few things to make the perfect soup for your family. For instance, you can use fish, chicken, or beef instead of shrimp if you are allergic to shrimp. Similarly, you can adjust the seasonings and flavors to create the ideal taste.

What to Serve With Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup

Puerto Rican soup is a whole meal by itself, and most people eat it alone. However, you may still need to take it alongside other dishes like:

  • Plantains
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Grilled sandwich
  • French fries
  • Green salad
  • Corn

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Puerto Rican shrimp soup.

Is Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup Healthy?

Yes, Puerto Rican shrimp soup is a healthy meal with vitamins and minerals vital for good body health. The soup is also low-fat, and you can avoid adding more oil when cooking. Salt content should also be low.

Can I Use Frozen Shrimp To Prepare This Soup?

Fresh shrimp makes the best soup, but you can still use frozen shrimp if you can’t find fresh ones. Besides, frozen shrimp may be cheaper than fresh ones. Just ensure you thaw your frozen shrimp well before cooking.

What’s The Best Rice For Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup?

You can use white or brown rice. Long grains are the most preferred, although you can still use the short-grained ones. Always rinse your rice well in running water to remove excess starch, and soak it for the best results.

Can I Use Different Proteins When Preparing Shrimp Soup?

Shrimp soup usually contains shrimp protein, hence the name. Nevertheless, you can use another source of animal proteins, or even plant proteins, too, if you are allergic to shrimp and other animal proteins.

Who Can Eat Puerto Rican Shrimp Soup?

Both adults and children can take this soup, provided they are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you prepare the soup for someone with hypertension, limit the fat, salt, and seasonings.


Puerto Rican shrimp soup is a deliciously tasty meal that you can prepare for your family in 30 minutes or less. It is nutritious and thick, so you can take it as your only meal. It is a perfect meal on chilly days or when you have just got home and don’t have the time to stand long hours in the kitchen. Hopefully, this Puerto Rican shrimp recipe will guide you in making the tastiest soup for your family.

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