A Deliciously Tasty Unstuffed Pepper Soup Recipe

As a comfort food that is commonly associated with the fall season, this unstuffed pepper soup recipe is a great addition to any menu. Yes, the unstuffed pepper soup recipe is considered to be a dish best served during the fall season, but it makes for a quick and hearty meal all year round.

This tasty unstuffed pepper soup recipe is easy to make and should also provide plenty of leftovers. The preparation process is also very simple and many will prepare larger batches, so that they can freeze the soup for later usage.

Prep/Cooking Time:

The preparation process will take 10 minutes, while the cooking process unfolds over the course of 40 minutes.

How To Add Flavor and Texture

If you would like to add some flavor and texture to your finished product, experts recommend taking the time to char your green peppers first. The grill is your best bet but the stove can also be used if you are very careful.

Give the skin of the peppers the chance to blacken on all sides. Once the peppers have been charred, put your peppers in a bowl and leave them covered for at least one hour.

The steam that is created will work to your advantage. The skin rubs more easily and this reduces the chances of acid reflux taking place. It also provides the peppers with a far more preferable texture.

For those who love a smokier flavor, this is a step that you will certainly want to add to the process. Others may want to skip it entirely and they can chop and saute their peppers in a more typical manner.

The Importance of Top-Notch Tomatoes

This is not a recipe where you will want to skimp on the tomato costs. Be sure to spring for the more expensive canned tomatoes and your taste buds will sure to thank you later. The broth for this soup is tomato based, so there is no need to pinch pennies on this purchase. This flavor is greatly enhanced and the green peppers are complemented more easily.


  • Broth (2 cans, beef broth)
  • Oregano (season to taste)
  • Basil (season to taste)
  • Diced tomatoes (1 can, undrained)
  • Bell peppers (3 large green peppers will do)
  • Ground meat (1 1/2 pounds)
  • Garlic powder (season to taste)
  • Salt (season to taste)
  • Onion (1, large/chopped)
  • Pepper (season to taste)
  • Rice (1 1/2 cups, cooked or uncooked)

Additional Ingredient Notes

While ground beef is considered to be the best choice for this soup, you can use a wide range of different options. Some may elect to use ground turkey instead, but any ground meat will do. The vegans out there are more than welcome to sub out the turkey or beef for Impossible meats. Green bell peppers are recommended above, but any color will do, including red, yellow or orange.

Yellow or white onions will work fine, so do not fret over the color choice in these instances either. Fire-roasted tomatoes are your best choice for the canned tomatoes, while those who are more apt to enjoy spicy foods can choose tomatoes with green chilies. The broth choice should align with the beef choice. Ground beef pairs with beef broth and so on and so forth. Lastly, the rice can be prepared separately, while others prefer to add it when it is uncooked.

Helpful Cooking Pointers

While the meat is in the process of browning, take the time to break it down into smaller pieces. The peppers should be cut up into the smallest pieces possible. Once the rice (which can already be cooked, if this is what is preferred) is added to the pot, the mixture needs to be stirred to the best of your abilities. Otherwise, the rice could start to form clumps. For spice lovers, fire-roasted hatch chilies are another way to add spice to the dish.

Step by Step Cooking Directions

Step 1:

Grab the soup pot and turn the stove to medium heat. From there, heat up a teaspoon of oil to add to the pot.

Step 2:

This is where the peppers are going to come into play. Wash the peppers and take a moment to remove all of the seeds. Once the washing and seed removal is done, chop them up into much smaller pieces. When this process is complete, place them in the soup pot.

Step 3:

A sharp knife will be needed to chop up the onion. Don’t make the mistake of trying to use a butter knife or a dull blade. In the vast majority instances, you will want to make the pieces of the onion as small as possible. Add the onion pieces to the soup pot and use a rubber spatula to stir it all up. The vegetables must be stirred while the soup is cooking. Allow the mixture to cook for 3 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Step 4:

Add the ground meat to the soup, taking extra care to chop it up and stir it. You will want the meat to be broken down into smaller pieces as it is cooking. Ground beef is a common choice, but others may choose ground turkey, ground pork or Impossible meat.

Step 5:

Continue to cook the vegetables and meat over medium heat. Keep an eye on the meat and do not move on to the final steps until it has been fully cooked.

Step 6:

Add your seasonings, diced tomatoes and broth at this time. The rice is now added to the pot as well. Cover up the pot and give the soup time to reach a boil. Allow the soup to boil for at least 4 to 5 minutes. From there, reduce the heat setting to low.

Step 7:

Continue to cook the soup until the rice has been softened (if it has not been cooked ahead of time). Cheddar and Parmesan cheese can be sprinkled on top of the soup when you are ready to serve.

Final Notes On Dippers, Peppers + Storage

Breadsticks, cheese straws and garlic knots all make for great dipping choices. As an added bonus, there is a wide range of gluten-free options for you to choose from. As for the peppers, there are also a number of different choices for at-home chefs to rely on. The color of the peppers does not matter, as mentioned above.

Shishito peppers and poblano peppers can be used, too. Once it comes time to store the soup, you can use an airtight container and it should last for up to 4 days in your fridge. Of course, the leftover soup is able to be frozen and most will choose to freeze it in individual portions for easy dinners at a later date.

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