How to Make The Red Lobster Potato Soup Recipe at Home

Red Lobster is the premiere mainstream seafood restaurant in the nation and creates some fantastic dishes that are hard to top. For example, the popular Red Lobster potato soup recipe has been making some rounds over the last few months, especially after Red Lobster seemingly discontinued the soup. However, checking their official site shows that this popular soup isn’t even mentioned.

That doesn’t mean that individual chains across the nation aren’t running this soup. However, it does likely limit just how many places you can get this tasty soup. Thankfully, making this Red Lobster potato soup recipe at home is not a significant challenge. Here’s what you need to know about not only making this soup but a few ways you can take it to the next level for your next meal.

Red Lobster Potato Soup Recipe Nutrients

Finding official information about Red Lobster’s potato soup recipe was very hard. Thankfully, we were able to find general data about potato soup nutrition that can help you better understand what this soup has to offer. We found one recipe that is very similar to Red Lobster’s potato soup recipe. The following nutrient levels are for one cup of this fantastic and delicious soup:

  • 105 calories
  • 3.5 grams of total fat or five percent of your daily intake
  • 0.945 grams of saturated at or 10% of your daily intake
  • 110 milligrams of cholesterol or three percent of your daily intake
  • 1,020 milligrams of sodium or 44% of your daily intake
  • 14.25 grams of total carbohydrates or five percent of your daily take
  • 0.5 grams of dietary fiber or two percent of your daily intake
  • 5.22 grams of sugar or 3.73 grams of protein
  • 93 milligrams of calcium or seven percent of your daily intake
  • 0.49 milligrams of iron or three percent of your daily intake
  • 227 micrograms of potassium or five percent of your daily intake

One nice thing about this meal is that you get 55% of its calories from carbohydrates and 14% from protein, meaning you get almost 70% from non-fat services. However, the sodium level for this meal is incredibly high, which may be problematic for many people. As a result, we have created a multitude of steps that can improve this soup’s health level without sacrificing its taste.

Red Lobster Potato Soup Recipe Ingredients

Red Lobster’s potato soup includes several healthy ingredients that make it creamy and rich. It is the kind of comfort food that makes this restaurant so popular in the first place. If you’re disappointed that your local Red Lobster no longer provides this potato soup and you want to make it at home, check your pantry to make sure that it has the following ingredients before you cook:

  • Two gold potatoes, chopped and diced
  • One-half cup of chicken broth to thicken the soup
  • One teaspoon of Parmesan cheese
  • One tablespoon of flour mixed with olive soil
  • One cup of half-and-half creamer
  • One medium onion minced and chopped
  • One garlic glove chopped and minced
  • One teaspoon of basil and parsley
  • Black pepper and salt to taste

As you can see, many of these ingredients are probably already things that you have around the house. If you need to buy any components (such as garlic or onions), try to find ones without visible surface damage. Make sure they are fresh and healthy by shopping organically, including visiting farmers’ markets where fresh vegetables are sold daily.

Red Lobster Potato Soup Recipe Instructions

Follow these steps to produce a tasty potato soup just like Red Lobster used to make:

  1. Boil the potatoes in a stockpot with a bit of touch of salt
  2. Saute the olive oil, onions, garlic, flour, and potatoes in the same pot
  3. Add the chicken broth and boil until the mixture thickens and reduces
  4. Add the spices, like the basil and peppers, before boiling the soup
  5. Turn off the heat after the soup thickens and garnish with Parmesan cheese

Making This Red Lobster Potato Soup Recipe Better

We have some tips to make your potato soup taste better and healthier! A few of these tips focus primarily on health, while others are suited to improving the taste. Thankfully, two of the suggestions will help with both taste and health! This way, you can get the high-quality soup you want without adding a lot of extra steps to your cooking process.

Don’t Add Salt or Use Low-Salt Broth

Though it might seem harsh for the salt-obsessed gourmet, cutting out the salt from this recipe will decrease your sodium levels and ensure that your soup is healthier. However, you may also want to cut back on the broth or use a low-sodium broth type that adds less salt to your meal.

Mix In Some Chopped Bacon

Bacon is a popular option for many potato soups because it adds the sweet flavor of bacon and mixes well with many different potato types. It also makes the soup a little thicker and produces a potent taste that can blend well with other ingredients, such as adding chopped peppers to the soup.

Note that adding bacon adds a higher protein level to this meal. That may make it useful for those who need more of this vital nutrient. However, bacon also adds fat and salt, so make sure that you consider this choice carefully before making it. Those looking to improve heart health may skip this step.

Add Some Minced Carrots

Clean, chop and mince some carrots to add to your potato soup to thicken it up and add more flavors. Carrots can also satisfy your meal’s crunch, even when properly and fully cooked. Furthermore, carrots add extra vitamins and nutrients and blend well with this soup’s ingredients.

Carrots can thicken the soup even better to create a more stew-like experience. People who like stews often turn to potato soup because it has a thicker overall texture. Adding carrots thickens it and makes this an even more appealing recipe for many people.

Integrate Some Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a popular red potato alternative that has a sweeter taste. They also have a surprisingly healthy nutrient content that makes them an excellent option for your potato soup. Try to mix an equal amount of sweet potatoes with your red potatoes to enhance the taste and improve this soup’s health.

Chop and mix them as you would your regular red potatoes, cooking them using the same steps outlined in our preparation steps. Just as significantly, you can add other healthy potato types, such as yellow potatoes, to improve your soup’s overall health and taste.

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